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Affiliate Program
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Here's all you need to know about our policyholders' affiliate program!
Want to join and get a piece of the pie?

It's simple, there are just 4 simple steps:
1. Become a policyholder

2. Apply for the program from your dashboard and we'll provide you with your unique affiliate link

3. Create your content

4. Earn $50 for each qualified lead you bring!

*A qualified lead is a user that clicks your link, goes through our policy questionnaire, reaches the pricing page, and receives a quote.

How do the payments work?

Each month, we will calculate the number of Qualified Leads attributed to you and transfer the payment within 30 days following the applicable month.

Below, we're sharing our tips for bringing the best leads by creating content that of course, will help you earn!

Content creation tips:

Best channels to use - Social media, newsletters, blogs or websites, creator communities, friends & family, co-workers, clients & more.

Have a strong hook at the beginning!

Share a personal story first of all - what made you become a policyholder? What is your Instagram account to you? Have you ever been hacked and lost everything in a matter of seconds?

Pose the problem upfront - As you know, this is a current problem for creators every day! Examples: “There are so many hacks and phishing attempts lately”, / “We as content creators have to take care of our business, it would be terrifying to get hacked”, / “Even with 2-factor-authentication your account is not guaranteed safe”, “Content creators are targeted by hackers every single day”.

Introduce Notch as the solution to the problem in an authentic way - You can say that you’re a policyholder: “I have recently been introduced to Notch” / “When I first heard about Notch, I thought…”

Briefly explain what Notch is:

★ A new way for creators to protect their Instagram accounts.

★ Financial safety net - Notch provides daily payouts for every day you don’t have access to your account due to a hack.

★ Crisis management services - Notch will work around the clock to retrieve your account from the hacker.

★ Real-time monitoring and alerts - Notch will monitor your account 24/7 for any suspicious activity.

Give a clear and attractive call to action - refer again to why you bought the insurance and create urgency. Examples: “Don’t wait til it’s too late, click the link to get a quote”. / “Don’t wait til it’s too late, click the link to protect your account”.

✦ Create trust: You can use these press articles about Notch to create trust:


✦ Also, note that Notch is backed by one of the highest-rated insurance carriers in the U.S. called Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company (HSB).

✦ Check out some more tips below, important Dos and Don'ts.


✦ Do be as relatable as possible and make your followers feel the urgency of getting insurance!

✦ Do try to film in a calm setting without distractions in the background.

✦ Do name the links in your story - “check if you're eligible” / “Protect your account” / “get a free quote”.

✦ Do make sure to add text to your videos & stories that highlight the main points. You can use subtitles if you prefer as well.

✦ Do make sure in your stories to place the links and mentions in a clickable place (not in the margins).

✦ Do make sure in your reels to place the text in a visible place and not in the margins.

✦ Do make sure that the text in the first shot in the reel is a strong hook that will attract viewers. Start your video with a relatable sentence to hook the relevant audience to your video. Examples: “If you are a content creator listen up”.

✦ Do mention how simple and affordable Notch is.


✦ Don’t change the link that was provided to you, otherwise we won’t be able to associate the leads with you.

✦ Don’t promise we will retrieve the account. We will do our best efforts to retrieve the asset, but we cannot guarantee it.

✦ Don’t identify as an insurance agent or broker.

✦ Don’t promise eligibility nor recommend a specific coverage or pricing, it changes according to each account.


Happy creating!
We're excited to have you on board with us!

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