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Why Should I Insure My Account if I Have 2FA?
Why Should I Insure My Account if I Have 2FA?
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While 2FA (two-factor authentication) is important and we highly recommend adding that extra layer of protection, itโ€™s not always enough and lots of accounts still get hacked despite having 2FA enabled.

2FA can help prevent a significant amount of hacks because while the hacker can use social engineering to obtain your password, getting the time-restricted code can be tricker, but hackers have already found a way around it. This includes using a mix of social engineering, technical manipulation, and sim swapping attacks to trick you into giving them your code. We have a whole article going into depth about how multi-factor authentication is not completely unhackable here.

If you want to protect your account in the best way possible, you need two-factor authentication AND insurance for your Instagram account.


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