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Connecting Your Instagram to Notch
Connecting Your Instagram to Notch
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You want insurance for your Instagram account but are a little skeptical of logging in and connecting your Instagram account to our website. That's okay, this article will explain exactly what connecting actually means, why it's safe, and how to do it step by step.

What happens when I agree to connect my account?

Let's start with what connecting your account means.

First of all, our website is approved by Instagram, meaning you'll see Notch listed as a verified app on your Instagram account once you connect it.

When you get redirected to fill out your credentials on the Instagram login page to activate your account, you are logging into Instagram. Once logged into Instagram, all we ask is permission to your basic account information so we can ensure you have ownership of your insured account and so we can provide real-time monitoring. This is so you will be able to get immediate alerts of any suspicious activity our system notices on your account.

Why it's safe

All the connection means is this: Once you connect your Instagram to Notch, we can connect our API to your Instagram account through Instagram's official API.

API connection simply means that our system will be able to communicate with Instagram's system to understand any activity that may go on on your account.

For example, if your password ever gets changed, your Instagram API will get disconnected from our API and we will know right away that something is going on with your account.

This doesn't give us access to your account or any permissions to edit any content on your account.

Okay, how do I connect my account now?

  1. Log in

    1. If you want proof that the login is on Instagram's official website, in a separate tab, log in to your Instagram account that you're going to insure (or have already insured)

  2. Go to the "Activation" or "Reconnection" page

    (based on whether you already have a policy or not)

    1. On this Activate your Policy page, click "Connect"

    2. If you have enabled two-factor authentication (2FA), click "Enabled"

    3. If you haven't yet enabled 2FA or aren't sure if you have, click "Not Enabled" or "I am not sure".

      1. There is a separate how-to video that will explain how to enable 2FA

      2. Once you've enabled 2FA, click "2FA is enabled on my account" and then click "Connect your account"

  3. You will be redirected to the Instagram page

    1. If you haven't yet logged into your account, do so now

      1. Then choose which preferences you want to allow and enable and then click "Allow"

  4. That's it!

    Your account is connected and now you can lean back, relax and keep creating.

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